Audi A4, S4

since 2000 release

Repair and operation of the car

Audi A4, S4
+ Introduction
+ Governing bodies and methods of safe operation
+ Current leaving and service
+ Engine
+ Cooling systems, heating and air conditioner
+ Power supply systems, release and decrease in toxicity of the fulfilled gases
+ Systems of electric equipment of the engine
+ Manual box of gear shifting
+ Automatic transmission
+ Coupling, power shafts and differential
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
- Body
   General information and security measures when carrying out body works
   Cleaning and leaving
   Repair of insignificant damages of body panels
   Repair of considerable damages of a body
   + External equipment
   + Equipment of salon
+ Onboard electric equipment

Cleaning and leaving

Regular care in representative office of Audi promotes its safety and is one of conditions of acceptance of claims on a guarantee in case of detection of corrosion damages and defects of a paint and varnish covering of a body.

Wash of the car

The best security measure of the car from harmful effects of environment is its frequent sink and preservation of a paint and varnish covering.

The more long there are on a paint and varnish covering pollution which stuck to it, the stronger them the destroying influence. High temperature or humidity strengthen effect. So, depending on the circumstances, there can be sufficient a wash of the car once a week. But can quite be the sink with the subsequent preservation of a paint and varnish covering will be enough once a month. After end of the period of a posypaniye of a paving I will merge surely thoroughly wash the bottom.

Automatic installations of a sink

The varnish of the car is rather strong for a usual wash of the car in automatic washing installations.

At an automatic sink it is enough to observe usual precautionary measures (previously close windows and the panel of a roof). Antennas of a factory complete set for radio, phones/systems of navigation * are in salon of the car.

At a car complete set special autoaccessories, for example, a spoiler, a luggage carrier on a roof, a radio antenna it is, etc. best of all to consult at the personnel of washing installation.

Manual sink

The manual wash of the car requires a lot of water.

In the beginning soak and wash away dirt.

Wash the car with a sponge from top to down.

Use shampoo only in exceptional cases.

Rinse the car water.

Dry the car skin for cleaning of glasses.

At a manual sink soak dirt with plentiful use of water in the beginning and then as it is possible better wash away it.

Then wash up the car a soft sponge, a glove or a brush for washing, without pressing thus it is strong on a surface. Begin sink with a roof and further down. Use shampoo only for removal of the stuck pollution.

Regularly and thoroughly wash out a sponge or a glove for washing.

Wheels, thresholds, etc. wash in the last turn. For their washing use other sponge.

Do not wash the car on a bright sun - there is a danger of damage of a paint and varnish covering.

When watering the car from a hose do not direct a water stream on locks or joints of doors and other joints in the winter - there is a danger of freezing.

Do not use a sponge for removal of insects, rigid sponges for kitchen, etc. - there is a danger of damage of a surface.

Only damp cleaning of headlights - best of all is allowed by soap water. Never clean headlights dry fabric or a sponge.

Sink cleaning devices of a high pressure

At observance of certain rules the car can be washed with also cleaning devices of a high pressure.

Follow instructions of the manufacturer of the cleaning device of a high pressure.

Observe rather big distance in relation to soft components of the car.

At a wash of the car the cleaning device of a high pressure surely follow instructions of the manufacturer of this device. It especially belongs to pressure and distance of dispersion. Observe rather big distance in relation to soft materials, such as rubber hoses or insulating materials. At all use of not directed nozzles or the polluted mills is not allowed.

Preservation of a covering

Good preservation substantially protects the car from influence of environment, and also even from insignificant mechanical damages.

You can process a paint and varnish covering of the car liquid wax already a week later after delivery of the new car.

The protective layer of the preservative representing solid wax is put anew no later than the effect of rolling drops of water from a pure covering obviously disappears.

Even at regular use of the washing preservative in the automatic washing installations it is recommended at least two times a year in addition to apply a protective layer of solid wax on a covering.

The remains of insects which stuck mainly in a warm season to forward part and a front bumper, as a rule, are removed from a paint and varnish covering with svezhenanesyonny preservative much more simply.


Polishing serves for luster restoration.

Polishing is necessary only in case the paint and varnish covering lost an attractive look, but to restore luster, using preservatives, it is not possible any more.

If the polish used thus does not contain the preserving components, after polishing it is necessary to execute preservation of a paint and varnish covering, see above.

It is impossible to process polishing means or solid wax of a detail with an opaque paint and varnish covering, and also plastic components of the car.

Decorative components and moldings

Decorative components and moldings of silvery color are made of pure aluminum (without chrome). It is dictated by reasons of environmental protection.

From decorative components apply neutral conditioning agents to removal of spots and a raid (with zero acidity (pH)), do not use a conditioning agent behind chrome. Also the polish intended for care of paint and varnish coverings does not suit for care of decorative components and moldings. Besides, the alkaline intensive cleaners used often before entrance on the line for an automatic sink can be when drying the reason of emergence of opaque/dairy color of spots.

Synthetic components

Synthetic components are exposed to a usual sink. If it is not enough, synthetic components can be processed the special means which are also not containing solvents intended for care of such products. Conditioning agents behind a varnish do not suit for care of synthetic components.

Damages of a paint and varnish covering

Insignificant damages of a paint and varnish covering are liquidated by the painting pencil or aerosol a cylinder -

Insignificant damages of a paint and varnish covering, such as scratches, tags or traces from blows of stones, at once, before emergence of corrosion to varnish. The suitable for your car painting pencils or aerosol barrels are available on HUNDRED Audis.

Number of the original code of a paint and varnish covering of your car can be found in a name plate with car parameters, see. Identification numbers of the car.

Carefully remove the rust raid which appeared on a damage place.

In the beginning apply an anticorrosive primer, and then a varnish on this place.


Delete snow and ice with a plastic scraper.

Delete other residual educations with a cleaner of glasses.

Dry glasses pure fabric.

Cleaning of a windshield by means for removal of insects or wax is not allowed. Otherwise malfunction of brushes of a screen wiper (vibration of brushes) is possible.

The remains of rubber, oil, greasing or silicone can be cleaned a screen wiper or means for removal of silicone. The remains of wax can be removed only with a special cleaner.

Glasses need to be cleaned regularly also from within.

For drying of glasses use special fabric or skin for glasses. Do not use the skin intended for processing of the varnished surfaces for drying of glasses since the remains of preservative have an adverse effect on visibility.

Threads of heating of back glass are on an internal surface of glass. Gluing of stickers on a thread of an electrical heating of back glass is not allowed not to damage them.

Rubber consolidations

Rubber consolidations of doors, cowl, luggage carrier, the panel of a roof and glasses keep the properties and serve more long if from time to time to rub them with the special means intended for care of rubber products (for example, a silicone aerosol). After such processing they do not freeze even in the winter and easier doors open. Besides, do not allow premature wear of consolidations and violation of tightness.


In the winter locks can freeze.

At a wash of the car watch that as little as possible water got to locks.

Wheels with steel disks

Wash disks and caps of wheels in the course of a wash of the car.

Cleaning of wheels will prevent adjournment on their surface of products of wear of brake slips, dirt and road salt.

Strongly stuck products of wear of brake slips can be removed with acid-free means for cleaning of disks. Acidiferous means for cleaning of disks can be aggressive in relation to a surface of wheel bolts.

Regular processing of disks liquid solid wax prevents their premature pollution.

Eliminate damages of a paint and varnish covering before emergence of a rust (Section Repair of Insignificant Damages of Body Panels).

Light-alloy wheels of wheels

Wash away from disks at least each two weeks products of wear of brake slips and road salt.

Process pure wheels only acid-free means for cleaning of light-alloy wheels.

Each three months thoroughly rub disks with solid wax.

Preservation of a decorative type of light-alloy wheels behind them requires for a long time regular leaving. If regularly not to delete products of wear of brake slips and road salt, the called substances will start corroding an easy alloy.

Process wheels special acid-free means for cleaning of light-alloy wheels. Do not leave a cleaner more long than time ordered by the instruction at all. Acidiferous means for cleaning of disks can be aggressive in relation to a surface of wheel bolts.

It is impossible to use the polish intended for care of paint and varnish coverings, or other abrasive means. In case of damage of a protective varnish covering, for example, from blows of stones, eliminate defect urgently.

Anticorrosive protection of the bottom of a body

In the course of a driving damage of a protective layer therefore it is recommended with a certain frequency - best of all before a winter season is not excluded and in the spring - to address on HUNDRED for check, and if necessary for elimination of damages of the sheeting applied on the bottom of a body and a running gear of the car.

Preservation of cavities of a body

It is not required to check preservation of cavities of a body.

All cavities of the car subject to corrosion are processed by the preserving wax already at manufacturer.

Such preservation does not demand control and the subsequent processing. In case of release of wax at high temperature remove it from body cavities with a synthetic shaber and flushing gasoline.

Care of elements of salon

Synthetic components, imitation leather, slips and upholstery

Wipe synthetic components and an imitation leather damp fabric. If it is not enough, these components it is possible process only the special means which are not containing solvents intended for care of such products.

Slips and upholstery of doors, consolidations of a luggage carrier, a ceiling are, etc. processed by special cleaners or dry foam and a soft sponge.

Genuine leather

At the address and leaving it is necessary to follow a certain care and rules that is caused by exclusively high quality of the applied kinds of leather and their special characteristics (sensitivity in relation to oils, fats, pollution, etc.).

Avoid long finding of the car on the open sun to keep skin from burning out. At long finding of the car on the sun skin has to be protected from direct exposure to sunlight.

Regularly and after each cleaning use protective cream. Cream nourishes skin, promotes that your leather upholstery remained elastic and promoting breath, and also vosstanavlivovat humidity. At the same time cream forms or updates protection of a surface.

Clean skin each 2-3 months. Delete fresh pollution at once.

Fresh spots from ball pens, ink, lipsticks, shoe creams, etc. delete as soon as possible.

Also care of skin color is necessary. Refresh with special cream on care of skin color color in the corresponding places.

Finishing from a genuine leather

Normal cleaning

Clean the polluted surface slightly moistened cotton or woolen fabric.

Strong pollution

Clean strongly polluted places the fabric moistened with weak soap solution (two tablespoons of chemically neutral soap on water liter).

Thus surely watch that skin did not get wet through anywhere and that water did not get through seams.

After a sink wipe skin soft and dry fabric.

Removal of spots

Fresh spots on the basis of water, (for example, coffee, tea, juice, blood, etc.) remove with the moisture absorbing fabric or a napkin. Remove the dried-up spots with a cleaner from a set on care of skin.

Fresh fatty spots (for example, butter, mayonnaise, chocolate, etc.) remove with the moisture absorbing fabric or a napkin, or if the spot was not absorbed, a cleaner from a set on care of skin yet.

Remove the dried-up fatty spots by means of a fat-dissolving aerosol.

Special spots (for example, spots, etc.) move away from ball pens, a felt-tip pen, nail varnish, disperse paint, shoe cream special stain remover, good for skin.

Care of skin

Each half a year process leather means for leaving.

Put means on care of skin exclusively economically.

Having left for some time for influence, it then is erased soft fabric.

At emergence of questions address on HUNDRED for consultation according to the program of means for care of the skin including, for example:

  • Set for cleaning and leaving;
  • The painting creams on care of skin;
  • Stain removers for removal of spots of ball pens, shoe creams, etc.;
  • Fat-dissolving aerosol.

Cleaning of skin of Alcantara®

Removal of spots

Moisten a rag with tepid water or the diluted alcohol.

Remove a spot, washing away it fabric towards the center.

Dry up soft fabric a zachishchyonny site.

Do not use means on care of skin.

For removal of dust and pollution you can use also shampoo on care of skin.

Dust, parts of dirt in a time, folds and seams promote wear of skin and can damage its surface. At long finding of the car on the sun skin has to be protected from direct exposure to sunlight to keep it from burning out. The easy change of color caused by operation of skin is normal.

Do not clean Alcantara® skin solvents, poloterny wax, shoe cream, stain removers, means on care of skin, etc. at all.

For cleaning of skin do not use brushes, rigid sponges, etc. at all.

Seat belts

The polluted belts erase weak soap solution.

At strong pollution of a tape of a belt operation of the mechanism of automatic retraction of a tape of a belt can be broken. Before taking-up of a tape of a belt the mechanism of retraction it should allow to dry out completely.

Do not subject belts to a dry-cleaner as the chemical cleaning substances can destroy fabric. Do not allow also hit on tapes of belts of caustic liquids.

Replace belts at damage of fabric, connections, mechanisms of retraction of a tape or locks.